We ve Take Action Sign For Freedom40 million people are currently trapped in slavery—that’s more than at any other time in history—and they’re much more closely connected to us than most of us realise. Their hands pick our coffee, cut our sugar, sew together the seams of our clothing. Every choice we make as consumers can have devastating consequences for our brothers and sisters around the world.

Right now, the New Zealand Government doesn’t have anything in place to make sure companies are checking their supply chains for slavery. That needs to change, and we want to help champion that change.

We’re urging the New Zealand Government to pass a Modern Slavery Act, and you can help by signing the petition at signforfreedom.nz and encouraging your friends, whananu and church to do the same.

You're then welcome to join those presenting the petition which will take place at Parliament Grounds on Tuesday, 29 June from 12.30-1pm.

Check out the resources below to help you promote the petition, and if you're a youth leader, there's also a five-week youth Bible study on human trafficking to help your young people understand and engage with the issue of modern slavery.




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