We ve Take Action Sign For FreedomThe Salvation Army across New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa is uniting in prayer throughout 2021, having responded to the call to 'Make Room, Come Aside, Come Together'.

The year of prayer is not a programme, but a call from our territorial leaders, Commissioners Mark and Julie Campbell, to infuse every part of what we do, as individuals and as The Salvation Army, with prayer. We believe prayer is foundational to God’s power being at work amongst us, so we want to ensure we're making room in our busy lives to be people of prayer. We encourage you to take this call seriously and to approach prayer with excitement and enthusiasm, expecting God to move in your life and in the lives of others through your prayer.

Below are some resources to help you with this, both in your personal prayer life and alongside others. We would love to hear and share your stories of prayer over the year, so please feel free to contact us by messaging our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/SallyFirezone) or emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about how you, your youth group or your church are engaging in prayer and how God is moving in response!


Origins: Youth Prayer Course

The Origins Youth Prayer Course is a seven-part series aimed at helping young people aged 11-18 learn to pray. Find more information and order the leader's guide here.


The Prayer Course

The Prayer Course is an eight-part small group series that take participants on a journey through the Lord's Prayer. Each session contains a video, discussion questions and practical prayer activities. The videos and study guides are free to download here.


The Prayer Course II: Unanswered Prayer

The follow up to the first Prayer Course is a five-part series provoking honest conversation around the hardest and most personal questions we ask about prayer. Each session contains a video, discussion questions and practical prayer activities. The videos and study guides are free to download here.


24-7 Prayer

The 24-7 Prayer webiste has heaps of great ideas for enaging with prayer including how to set up and run a prayer room and creative ideas for praying both by yourself and with others. Explore the resources and ideas here.


Sustainable Development Goals Prayer Squares

Women's Ministries have recreated the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals as shareable and printable prayer squares to help people pray effectively for issues of global concern, and especially for the impact they have on women and girls around the world. Find more information and download the prayer squares here.


Scripture Posters

Women's Ministries have produced some awesome looking posters featuring scripture to encourage you as you pray this year. Print them out for your own use or to put up in your church or youth space. There are also postcard-sized versions available which are ideal for hand-outs or to use as bookmarks. Download them here.


Prayer Exercises

Colonel Heather Rodwell has come up with two simple prayer excercises—'Breath Prayers' and 'Marketplace Observations'—that invite you into a space of reflection and observation of God at work in, around and through you. Check them out here.


NZFTS 24/7 Prayer Facebook Group

Join and follow The Salvation Army NZFTS's 24/7 Prayer group on Facebook for regular posts encouraging you in your prayer life and highlighting prayer needs from around the world. Join here.


Year of Prayer Spotify Playlists

Follow 'Salvation Army Year of Prayer 2021 NZFTS' on Spotify for some great playlists to accompnay your prayer times. There are several playlists with various themes depending on the atmosphere you're looking for. Follow the profile here.