Here you'll find our top picks on mentoring resources.

discipleswhowilllastDisciples Who Will Last - Tim Hawkins
Inspiring and equipping – this is a complete strategy for training up a new believer into someone who’s building into others. Once again, Tim draws really strongly on Scripture as well as his own experience (thirty years, props to him).

befactor contentThe Be-With Factor: Mentoring Students in Everday Life - Bo Boshers and Judson Poling
You want to make a huge, lasting difference in the lives of students, right? The Be-With Factoris a powerful, practical, and sustainable mentoring approach that does just that. It's patterned after Jesus' example of being with his disciples in a variety of real-life settings.

mentorlikejesus contentMentor Like Jesus - Regi Campbell
Entrepreneur Regi Campbell lays out his Jesus-originated process for spiritually mentoring the next generation: more time spent with fewer people equals greater kingdom impact.