Here are our top resources exploring the Christian lifetsyle.



Every Teenager’s Little Black Book series – Blaine Bartel

Every Teenager’s Little Black Book of God’s guarantees, how to get along with your parents, reaching your dreams, sex and dating, of hard to find information, on how to win a friend, on cash. Super-good easy reads – lots of bullet-point lists and humour – but all based on sound scriptural advice. Good spiritual food for on-the-go.


Jesus Wants To Save Christians - Rob Bell

This is really American-aimed, but I think our cultures have some really similar aims. Rob Bell is one of the most highly-acclaimed communicators out at the moment for a reason, and his writing’s as easy to engage with as his speaking. I’ve seen people from 16-60 read and enjoy this challenging book.


Velvet Elvis - Rob Bell

Velvet Elvis is a thought provoking book on human understandings of doctrine and theology. It won’t change your beliefs but it will give you a new view on why you believe what you believe.


Promises, Promises, Promises - Eugene Peterson
As you’d expect, this wee gem is about promises. The empty promises of our world, and the full-up promises of God.
If you want a spiritual lift, check out this compilation, and then live like you’ve read it.



Too Busy Not to Pray Bill Hybels

This is really, really good for anyone struggling with prayer. It’s been around for twenty years, but that’s because Bill knows what he’s on about. Take a look at the biblical basis and why of prayer, and figure out ways of prayer that suit your lifestyle.

vision content

The Vision and The Vow Pete Grieg

This is a book that’s a part of the 24/7 movement. It’s the exploration of covenanted Christian communities. If you have young people that struggle with the concept of ‘signing up’ grab this book.


Follow Me To Freedom -  Shane Claiborne and John M Perkins

Claiborne and Perkins draw on more than a century of combined following and learning, activating and leading. Together they craft a timely message for ordinary people willing to take radical steps to see real change happen. They start with Moses as a model and proceed to re-imagine the roles of leading and following in a world desperate for freedom.


99 Thoughts on Jesus-Centered Living -  Group/Rick Lawrence

Rick Lawrence draws on his personal journey of faith and his decades of experience as an editor and writer to provide you with insights into the joy of meeting, following, and falling in love with the real Jesus, the rebel Jesus.


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Everything is Spiritual Rob Bell

A great DVD that presents some deep thoughts about the spiritually of everything.