Here you'll find our top picks for Bible resources.


Our first doctrine states the important place of Scripture in The Army. It is the ‘divine rule of Christian faith and practice’. It’s kind of a big deal.

But where do we start with all these different translations? Well, first we’ll give you some tips on the use of translations

#1- Use them all!

If you lead a bible study where everyone has a different translation you can use this to a great advantage. You see, each translation can give a slightly different view on what the passage of Scripture actually means. When you read five or six of them out loud you can come to some interesting discoveries about the original intent of the text. Try it out.

#2- Find one that works for your group, but don’t limit your study to that.

No matter what people tell you, there is no bible translation that is straight from the devil. Nor are there any that are specially anointed by God over others. Every one has it’s shortcomings, and it’s blessings.

If you find that your group loves the NIV, than by all means use the NIV. But, in your personal study and preparation try using a different translation. It may open your eyes to something new. Don’t be scared of them, embrace them.

#3- Learn about who translations were interpreted by, when they were put together, and for what purpose. That’s what this section is for!

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NLT Student Life Application

This was my standard all through highschool and beyond – it’s got the total recommend stamp. If you want to gift someone a useful resource for the teen years, this is the best. I found the translation both relevant and impacting, and the application sections not as cheesy as normal.


NIV Teen Study Bible
I’ve seen a lot of people carrying this around, so guessing it’s more than okay. The NIV translation is pretty standard these days, so this bible’s a good solid base. Study bibles of any sort tend to have useful bits and pieces in them, so this is a good investment for any teen who wants to know what’s going on.


NIV/The Message Parallel Bible
All the whizz-bang of the Message translation without compromising the original text. Basically, read the NIV, and check out The Message if you don’t know what it means. Having both is super-good for group studies, you can crank out your different translation and make ‘em all think.