Here you'll find our top picks for resources on spiritual disciplines.


The Vision & The Vow - Pete Greig
Red Moon Rising is an amazing read about the movement of 24/7 prayer that started in the UK and has spread throughout the world. Grab hold of this book and get inspired to pray.


Too Busy Not to Pray Bill Hybels
This is really, really good for anyone struggling with prayer. It’s been around for twenty years, but that’s because Bill knows what he’s on about. Take a look at the biblical basis and why of prayer, and figure out ways of prayer that suit your lifestyle.


Enjoy the Silence - Duffy & Maggie Robbins
This is something different. A thirty-day exercise in just stopping and listening to God – something that I think in a world of noise, we’re pretty bad at. Enjoy the Silence is probably more suited to a mature group – it really focuses on meditating on the Word and making this a discipline. An individual journey that it’d be easier to walk together.

beautifuldisciplines content

The Beautiful Disciplines - Martin Saunders
This book provides practical tools to help youth leaders to teach their teenagers to pray, study the Bible, live more simply, and discover the value in other ancient disciplines such as confession, fasting, solitude, study and worship. There are 12 short chapters, each suitable for one session.