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Youth Week is all about celebrating young people and challenging negative stereotypes about young people. This year's Youth Week is running from 26 May - 4 June 2017 and is a week all about you!

Youth Week aims to create a society that values young people and affirms their diversity. The week highlights the amazing things young people do all year. Youth Week describe young people as those aged 12-24.

Youth Week's slogan is: 'Our voices count; count our voices.'

What's it all about?

Youth Week is about encouraging young people's participation and connections to their communities. And you know what, this is a pretty Scriptural idea - there are a whole lot of references about the importance and role of young people in our bibles...so let's start stepping into those roles and living it up while we're young!

This year's slogan is 'Our voices count, count our voices’ and there are a bunch of ways to get involved and start living this idea. The Youth Week website has a heap of info and resources to get you started - both for young cats and older fullas.

How to get involved?

You could host an event, get amongst Facebook, get some music going, start discussions and just spreading the word! Youth Week is all about raising awareness, celebrating young people and allowing them to live up to their full potential.

What are you going to do to celebrate this year's Youth Week?

Head to arataiohi.org.nz/YouthWeek for more info and ideas!

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