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Who Am I?

Whether we’re an extrovert or an introvert, our personality can help grow God’s kingdom on earth...

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How Much Do You Like Me?

‘How do I like thee? Let me count the ways’ … to misquote a famous poet. It couldn’t be more true today, when the number of ‘likes’ we get on social media can easily define us...

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One Wild Life: Soul - Gungor

Spirit brings together a mash of styles, genres and moods that are almost inexplicably woven into a coherent, musically satisfying whole.

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youngandfree-feature1 ALBUM

Youth Revival - Hillsong Young & Free

Simple, catchy melodies are paired with introspective lyrics that speak to a level of faith that isn’t complex, but one of searching, affirmation, longing and surrender...

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May 24 2016

FEATURE: Catching up with All Sons and Daughters


We caught up with Christian worship duo, All Sons and Daughters, and chatted to them about faith, life on the road and how they stay creative.

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