Youth Strategy Consultation

The Youth Department are launching a new National Youth Strategy!

We are asking for your input into the final document - have your say!

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Easter Camps 2015

This year's divisional Easter Camps are just a few weeks away.

Make sure you have all the info you need to be there!

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Sevens Info 2015

Info for Taupo 7s and Southern 7s sports comps

TYCMC 2015

Info for this year's Territorial Youth and Children's Ministry Conference!

Thought Matters 2015

Thought Matters are calling for papers for the 2015 conference

Moving Cities?

Moving cities for study or work? We want to support you!

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Cracking the Code of Christianese

Sometimes Christians can be confusing. We use big words, scary words and downright weird words. Sometimes it’s like we speak another language - Christianese...

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What's Lent All About?

About this time each year, we start hearing the term 'Lent' popping up and how it can be a really beneficial thing to have a go at. But what does Lent actually mean?

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This is Living - Hillsong Young & Free

This is an excellent taster for their future record, and it also showcases how talented this group is...

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Grace Through the Wandering - Aaron Gillespie

Soaring vocals and powerful delivery hallmark a strong and refreshing contemporary worship album...

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Firezone Turns Five!

It's Firezone's fifth birthday and to celebrate we're giving away five prize packs. All you've got to do is let us know something you like about Firezone and you're into win!


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Mar 20 2015

FEATURE: Keeping Easter Good


There's a reason Easter has so many days with the word 'good' infront...everything about Easter is good! Jesus' sacrifice, God's grace, all the chocolate, all the celebrating, all the crazy camps.. it's all good.

So, why not add to all the good this Easter and check out our list of fair trade Easter ideas!