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Moving cities for study or work? We want to support you!

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Friendly Face in a New Place

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What's Lent All About?

About this time each year, we start hearing the term 'Lent' popping up and how it can be a really beneficial thing to have a go at. But what's it all about?

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Friends for Life: We Need to Talk

‘We have to talk …’ These four little words can make or break a friendship. How do you have that difficult conversation with a friend without it getting awkward?

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Feel the Night - Strahan

The larger soundscape of this EP lends extra weight to its superb lyrics and imagery, punctuating its themes of love, faith and expectation...

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joey-feature ALBUM

Catch Me if You Can - Joey the Jerk

A Christian rap artist, Joey’s flow is energetic, sensitive and his rhymes are powerfully delivered...

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High Five Your Youth Leader!

We think youth leaders deserve a massive high five so we want to hear which youth leader you think deserves a pack of five handy resources! Plus nominate a leader and be into win a tee for yourself!


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Feb 09 2016

FEATURE: What's Lent All About?


This time each year, we start hearing the term 'Lent' popping up and how it can be a really beneficial thing to do. And although it's a pretty big deal in some other churches, often it's a term we have no idea about.

Lent kicks off on Wednesday 10th Febtruary but what's it all about?